Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Today in Catholic News

You read The Hairpin, right? The three of you who still check in here once a while. And yes, I have frozen to death, thanks for asking, which is why I haven't answer your email(s).

First I noticed the Madonna of the Street picture in the background of Katie-on-the-left's screen during Super Bowl Face Paint.

And here now is the Infant of Prague:

Even if you don't care about Catholic art, this video is worth watching for its anti-camping bent, a topic which is very dear to my heart.

By the way, listening to ambient rain and thunder at work instead of Pandora and/or my coworkers gossiping about their live-in boyfriends and/or parties that I'm not being invited to and/or paranoidly assume I'm not being invited to has CHANGED MY LIFE.

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  1. Hi Charming! Glad to hear you are still here! Always good to hear from you. Pax, Julian.